Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bisexual men are real!

I cannot stop laughing about this study. Apparently I, and my boyfriend, are real.

Actually - my boyfriend would not have qualified for this study. He has only had one sexual relationship with a woman - the woman he married and is still in a happy marriage to. They would probably not qualify me as a man for the purposes of the study, since I was born female. But still, I find it an amusing study anyway.

Upon thinking further though, I found myself annoyed about the methods used. This writeup gives a little more detail, and I have some concerns.

Reactions to pornography really isn't necessarily the best way to show someone's sexual response to certain genders. I would probably show up on this test as completely gay, since I primarily look at/respond to male only porn. The female stuff I like is really limited to high quality kink porn (really anything Tristan Taormino has directed) so with normal vanilla girl-on-girl stuff I'd almost certainly be completely turned off. It's not because I don't like women. I primarily fall in LOVE with women. The best sex I have ever had is with women. ALL of my primary relationships have been with women. But I am visually much more attracted to men.

I think many bisexual people identify this way - romantically more attracted to one gender, sexually more attracted to the other. That doesn't make us not bi (or pansexual, or omnisexual etc). It just makes us complex - like all humans.


  1. It's good to know that I do exist!

  2. Without even reading the more detailed writeup, I agree that it is faulty. At least it did "prove" bisexuality, which I also find a ridiculous thing to need to prove. However, if a participant didn't find the people in the videos attractive, then why would they have penile jumping? Or maybe it takes more than a 3 minute basic vanilla video to get someone excited. I know the vast majority of porn doesn't cause a reaction in me, so would I be counted as asexual? Ridiculous.

    I'm all for science proving things. Especially proving the relevance of sex positive issues. But this was far from a scientific study.

    Also, since both you and Loki live here and not in the Chicago area, there is still no proof that you exist! Sorry to be the one to tell you. ;)

  3. Oh, I don't think J would count as bisexual either, since his only romantic relationship with a male was shorter than 3 months. He just trends toward women.

    Also, I'm exactly you (but reversed), as I always end up with guys as primary partners and am WAY MORE attracted to women than men.

  4. @terri That's exactly what I mean - I talk to bisexual/pansexual identified people ALL THE TIME who find themselves more romantically attracted to one gender and more sexually attracted to another. USUALLY the romantic attraction is the opposite gender, but not always in my experience.

    There MUST be a good study in this. I'd love to run a similar study on people who ID as bisexual and are in heterosexual marriages. My hypothesis would be that they would respond more strongly to same-sex porn, but it'd be interesting to see.

  5. I generally respond only to group porn with a little bit of everything going on. Girl-girl porn is too boring. As is girl-guy porn. Guy-guy porn only does it for me sometimes, but when I'm in the mood it is EFFECTIVE.

  6. While I agree that the study is flawed, and ALL studies that "self-select" participants are, I think it is a good start.

    It can be very hard to do studies on some groups of people. I would think this would be even more true of groups that have been told the are not real.

  7. as a study of 1, i am a married male (to a woman) who identifies as bisexual, with a great lust for BDSM with males only. however, i rarely get turned on with girl-guy porn and regularly get off watching guy-guy porn.

    just found your blog from a note on fetlife and will read more here as i found this article interesting.

    i find that there are separate centers of sexual energy in me...there is the usual recovery time after orgasm with eith a male or my wife, but virtually no recovery when switching. wonder if that is usual.