Sunday, April 8, 2012

Review: How to Be Kinkier - by Morpheous

The title of this book is How to Be Kinkier - More Adventures in Adult Playtime. It is a sequel to Morpheous' previous book How to Be Kinky and is a full-color photo filled how-to book published by Green Candy Press, copyright 2012.

First of all, I really like the idea of this book. With an abundance of 101 level kink books on the market, something that talks about the more advanced ideas, and ways to bring your heavier fantasies into reality. This book will have a lot of ideas for those who are new to kink, but have already attended a few munches or events, and read through the usual beginner books. It will even have a few ideas for those of us who have been doing the kinky stuff for awhile.

The book includes higher-level looks at many of the same issues I expect to see in beginner manuals: Negotiations, sex toys, bondage, and community. I find the "kinkier" step-up in these areas to be very well done. The negotiation section doesn't look at basic negotiation (there are no checklists here!), but instead talks about negotiation STYLES. The sex toys chapter investigates advanced toys like electrical toys, figging, and importantly includes a section on traveling with toys in our security-focused world. The safety section is of particular interest to me; it investigates risk management right from the start, instead of pretending we can somehow eliminate risks, or making judgement calls on kinds of play that are too "unsafe" to indulge in. Furthermore the community chapter is titled "Developing your Community" and actively encourages people to get involved and gives wonderful advice on ways to actually improve your local community, as well as wonderful commentary on both finding and BEING a good mentor. This is, in my opinion, the most valuable part of this book.

How to Be Kinkier also includes areas that do not belong in a beginner book, but feel appropriate for this level, such as "How to be a Pro." It looks into creating professional events, and becoming a professional fetish model with real-world advice and a step-by-step feel.

The only real complaint I have about this book is the presence of the chapter on polyamory. It is basically a Poly 101 chapter, and I don't think it belongs in this book. It's not that it isn't well written (although this approach to poly is not what works for me), it's just that I see polyamory and kink as distinctly different things. I don't see it as belonging in this book.

Finally, this book is pretty. It is filled with full-color photos on slightly more than every other page. In addition to being the author, Morpheous is the photographer and he is quite talented. The photos show a variety of kinks and fetish-fashions, many different models, and are cleverly subtitled with ideas about how to step up your own kink play. While none of the models are my type (I have a preference for more body-mass and none of the models are plus sized), they will fit the ideals of a majority of readers, and the photo quality is excellent.

I do recommend this book to those looking for a more adventurous reading option than the glut of beginner books on the market today. Those with an interest in fetish photography will particularly enjoy it.

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